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Databases are key to securely storing your important business data. We are experts in database creation, maintenance, data cleansing and migration. Rasa Consulting offer many database services from the design / creation phase through to ongoing administration, and performance improvements.


We can help you build your customised applications - anything from internal company applications through to public websites and mobile applications. We can also update and maintain your existing applications and websites.


Your company’s documentation is really important to get right - be it technical designs, training material or project documentation. It can have a huge impact on expenditure and timelines. We are in the lucky position of having experience in both the technical and business environments and can create documentation that help everyone have a common understanding.

Data Analysis

Let us help you turn your company’s raw data into useful information. Data analysis, reporting, statistical analysis and creation of data cubes are just some of the ways we can assist you to make informed business decisions or review your company’s performance.


We can help your business in many ways through our consultancy service independently acting on your behalf. For example, we can provide in-depth comparisons of applications prior to purchase, review project progress, and liaise and negotiate with software vendors.

About Us

RASA Consulting is an Australian company set up to work remotely for local and overseas-based clients. This allows us to focus on delivering strong solutions at a competitive cost while maintaining close communication. We are currently based in Wanaka in the South Island of New Zealand.

We will bring professionalism, dedication and integrity to the projects we work on with you.

Sandy Anderson

Company Director / Senior Developer

Rodney Anderson

Senior Developer / Data science consultant

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